Sex is Opium

It’s all about a circular ring of the duration of a sextet.
He woos
He charms

He elevates the stature of an ordinary woman to a Fairy.


It’s the first corner of the circular ring:

Preparing a base with the concrete sand

It is the phase of acknowledgement and appreciation.

The second corner is a step ahead
of lavishing lunches
and candle-light dinners.
Something as if of a dreamy existence in an ordinary life.

Steadily and gradually
he appears to be the protector.

Always by the side,
He’s seeking reasons to be close enough.
He upgrades from a companion to a confidante.


Layers and layers peel away,

When he wishes to offer his shoulder
in the name of healing the wounds, he only ends up scaring them further.
He acts as an ointment and processes a further poison within.

He’s ready to surpass the fourth tangent of the sextet in the circular ring.


Now is the moment when the physicality and sexuality rises.

He offers the first step and she slides behind.

He assures her the private proximity
but within his Adam figure he develops a Satan heart.

Showcasing a gesture of a gentlemanly touch

He foregrounds his basis built with concrete sand with a touch of stagnant water on it.


An ordinary woman elevated to the level of Fairy

Building her own story of Prince and Palaces

Firmly believes what the pseudo prince has to offer.

He’s a virtuous man with every ounce of vice in his blue blood

He creates and waits for the girl to be entrapped.


This is the sixth and the final phase.

Girl turned fairy is all glittered and shimmering in the pseudo ‘Love’ of the ‘gentlemanly’ prince.

The pseudo love is the actual Lust

Draped and presented with a bouquet

On a firm cozy comforting bed
with the poking and horrific knife,

Ready to butcher what lies calm and composed.


The circular ring has reached its end,

The fairy tale isn’t yet complete.

It can never attain its wholesome locus,

Repeatedly, he pokes and she’s poked.

He creates a vault in her drop by drop.

The girl turned fairy turns a vamp

Pseudo Adam becomes a real Satan.

Sex becomes opium for the existence of the two.


The sextet can never be achieved,

Till the lust is eliminated

The influence of the negative dominates

Such that the positive is suppressed.


It’s a circumscribing circular phase of life

Which engulfs the pure soul and dwindles the mind

Disabling to decide

Whether the man was a gentleman

Or the woman a Fairy!


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