The Round Table Conference of the Legends!


In a round table conference held at heaven
Prominent leaders of all the civilizations that existed
Marked their attendance in person and greeted each other well.


Greek, Roman, African, Asian, European
And some not so known Nations
Sent their Leaders and Came in close proximity.


Heaven became Hell when the debate to choose the Best Civilization came into question.
Representatives threw harsh dialects on to each other.


Some reciprocated with Wit
Some with satire
Some with irony
And some just merely mocked.


Heaven became an arena
Where all the dignitaries shed their dignity
And entered in the war of words
Creating a fish market
In the peaceful atmosphere.


The desire to prove oneself superior
By demeaning the other as inferior
Is an ongoing battle since times immemorial?
Zeus, Lord Rama, Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammad, Buddha, Guru Nanak
And not leaving behind the present day politicians who claim to run their countries;
Barack Obama, Sonia Gandhi, Parvez Musharraf, Man Mohan Singh, Nelson Mandela
And who’s who of the ruling domain
Came at a point of debate which even the supreme lord could not bring to rest!


With havoc created in the creator’s space
His first creation rose
And addressed the gathering of the gentlemen and the ladies, and announced

“May I have your attention, please?”


You all are people of repute
Who have created legends and achieved glory
People worship you
Follow your ideals
And you quarrel here like madmen?


Heaven became peaceful again.
There was silence.
There was order.
There was dignity restored.


Creation said, “God made the mistake by uniting legends from different time zones and making an effort to decide who the best was?”
Each one did its deeds – good or bad
And received their rewards and punishments accordingly.


Now, he requests Harmony
Cancels the competition
Welcomes all of you in a celebration

And Opens the Feast for all!



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