Celluloid Soul

Body. Mind. Soul.

The trinities which if coexist can create a harmonious balance in an individual. But the case of the three being together is the ultimate state of being which is desired and expected to be.

As humans we seek different courses on our journey in Life, but all of us re-collect at the very same point from where we began- The cycle of the Birth till Death and the Birth again.

Re-birth in the form of human is a believed concept in Tibetan Buddhism only when one works towards adding good points to their soul through perpetual practice of compassionate and positive deeds. We all work for after life, for this life is a gift because of the previous one. ‘The Tibetan Book of the Dead’ is not just about our actions and reactions but larger unknown realities about life and after life.

There are numerous ideas, theories and beliefs which make our Soul what it is and what it is Not. But what is an emerging and much observed reality about the soul is that it has eventually carved out to be a ‘Celluloid Soul’.

Ages and civilizations have shifted if we look back at the available archaeological information and probably more centuries had existence of which we have no clue about. What hasn’t changed is that ‘humans’ are in continuous existence.

These human beings which we are so inquisitive about and through the time which has went by have developed ways of progressing. This idea of progress is the one in question!

Are we for Real?   Are we Imaginary?

Who are We?  What are We?

We are a combination of the ‘body, mind and soul’ but we have disoriented the proportion in which these three elements should have existed. Now we strife for a perfect balance in an imperfect body.

We are Polluted. We are Fragile. We are Impure. We are Artificial.

We all collectively as a species don’t have to change our norms and practices. We have to understand the difference between the binaries. We have to develop our horizons. We have to detach the ‘celluloid’ from not just soul but everything with which it has automatically attached and created a comfortable space.

We are all collectively walking towards a dead end. We need to channelize our energies for the Better, if not the Best. We have to continue our journey in a loop. We can end our body and mind and a ‘celluloid soul’ but we cannot end our ‘SOUL’ which is under repeated redemption.