A Woman Who Drinks!

Women are the sex with amazement. Whatever they do, they tend to intrigue the world around them.

What is it in a figure with hanging breasts which makes her actions the center of discussion and debate?

The caricature of a woman figure is multi-layered. She is expected to mold and melt and  transform herself with every transitory situation. Isn’t she then magical?

A woman is a wonder but why is it then she is always under the questionable eyes?

In my recent exploration and observation around the places, I came across how women are so elegant and poised when they handle their drinks in public. They know what is the apt quantity to gulp. They know what to order when and enjoy their time with themselves or in company.

But why is it that eyes are always penetrating women who indulge in personal pleasure? These eyes are not just of the dominating sex – Male but also of the so called ‘second sex’ – Female.

When we talk of equality and giving the proper opportune space we then start creating boundaries for them.

Who doesn’t like to have a private setting and hold a drink of their choice!

As readers following this write up, I am sure with the idea of “A Woman Who Drinks’ rings a bell only of a provocative figure of lady which is holding a glass of wine and drooling over here and there.

drinking-alone-rosie-sherman     Hot-selling-Handcraft-Portrait-oil-painting-on-canvas-font-b-Drink-b-font-font-b-wine

The Idea of drinking is always assumed to be alcoholic. Women can stay sane while slowly they are entering into a whirlpool of insanity. There is no moral law broken when a woman sips that poison.The observation doesn’t end here. .

This makes me question – What is more poisonous? The perceptive psychology or the drink consumed by the woman!

Does with every mention of the drink, one can only think of Alcohol.

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Women since times immemorial whenever have required that fresh breath of air and their own personal space have either taken course to works which stay hidden or have at least tried to find their couch where they can lay back and hold the mug/glass with their rejoicing liquid.

It is the dominating notion of negativity and filthiness which is associated with the phrase itself that “A Woman Who Drinks” is bound to be so & so which is definitely not reflecting the good about her caricature.

Women are happy within their own Lot whether they are sipping Coffee or Wine! They want to be Appreciated and Loved. They want to have a company of their own with which they grow old and are not ‘judged’ by their basic act of ‘drinking’.

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The world needs to understand that the poison which people assume they are having and spoiling themselves with is indeed an act of adding caffeine in their veins where they can achieve transcendence on a much larger level and uplift themselves with the idea of recreation they are practicing.

It is important that with each passing decade, the society accepts all women as One and an equivalent entity where her actions shouldn’t be scrutinized and scanned.

Drinking it in ... Manet’s A Bar at the Folies-Bergère (1882)

    When we as a society can take women in a cafe sipping coffee with an aura of ‘awe’, then why can’t we accept the same for the one with a ‘glass of water’ and one with a ‘glass of whisky’ and so on.

“A Woman Who Drinks” at the end of the day is a woman who is beautiful and she is not singular but Plural!