Woman with a Womb!

“Art is a fruit that grows in man, like a fruit on a plant, or a child in its mother’s womb.”

A Woman is said to be at her prime in beauty when she is carrying a child in her womb. The process from being a girl to a woman at times includes this very journey of becoming a Mother.

One gets pregnant through a sexual intercourse between a male and a female body. But the way the sperm gets implanted is the key step which tends to get ignored.

A female once gets pregnant undergoes numerous transformations in body, mind and soul. She is no longer her previous self but the one in renovation. With the birth of the child, a woman also takes a new birth.

The development  into a full grown child inside a womb is a process in stages. The psychological being of a pregnant lady significantly affects the growth of the child inside.

If the resultant pregnancy is a case of love made between the couple, the new being in creation would be a much happy child with a lot of calm and composure.

But if the pregnancy is a result of forced sex, violence, rape or any other non-consensual sex, both the woman and the child will be a case of disturbed identity.



The pre-defined role of a woman is that of a nurturer. But the one who is wounded herself becomes a challenged person in this regard. In such a situation trusting the creator is a risk.

Woman with a Womb is not just a woman with an unborn child. She is the carrier of a being who will be responsible for actions in the world it’s going to come.

The inception and the culmination are just two junctions but the entire time period which goes in between needs attention. Not every woman who impregnates gets an opportunity to deliver the grown seed in full bloom.


An amalgamation of mixed emotions followed by other duties of life to be balanced out in a regular routine is an expectation which a woman needs to live up to whether she is carrying another life in her womb or not.

The world needs to be sensitive towards the ones who are going to give birth and be careful when they are public. Be it her immediate Family or someone totally strange- there should come a moral responsibility to take care of any woman they come across with a pregnant womb.

When one hears of cases like a pregnant woman became a victim of domestic abuse, brutal rape and so on we tend to question on the psychology of humanity. It is through awareness and a unanimous pledge that we can save and respect our creators. This is a chain and will continue to exist.

If we need Healthy and Happy generation ahead, we need to create an environment where women are safe and Happy.