Passion Embrace

“I wonder how many people often get the one they want, but end up with the one they’re not supposed to be with.”

Fresher’s Day rehearsals were going for the ones shortlisted by a panel to walk the ramp as a couple.

New College. New People. New Faces.

One certainly doesn’t have a say and there is always a little nervousness and shyness before one comes out in open and people realize what one’s true personality is like.

                           The coordinator called my name : “Kavya Arora!”

I rushed through the stage to find with whom was I paired. She just took the name “Nikunj”.

I turned around and spotting this guy I saw , I thought was totally against my expectations of a ‘good looking’ person. This was a pale and skinny one with uneven teeth smiling right across towards me with a gesture suggesting -“Babe, we both are going to walk as a couple on the ramp.”

I rushed back to the coordinator and said “I need to change my partner. I don’t want to be paired up with “Nikunj.”

The coordinator insisted that he is the most handsome guy in the lot and every other girl wishes to be paired with him.

                              I just sternly said “I am not ‘every other girl’.”

With my persistent request she agreed and I chose my classmate Apoorv to walk the ramp in the Freshers.

We were practicing our walk when I glanced upon a guy who came through the stage walking like a professional model. He had those perfect looks and demeanor which probably were required for someone to be Mr. Fresher. Tall and well built with a great fashion sense he took everyone’s attention.

I secretly wished if he could be the one with whom I could have walked the ramp tomorrow. While I was just clearing all these clouds in head, he gave me a look which i can never forget – A look not of a smile or mutual willingness but the one of  Disgust.

I couldn’t understand the guy who is seeing me for the first time would respond with such a weird expression.

Leaving all these momentarily thoughts aside, me and Apoorv practiced hard to sync are walk and poses and were ready to grab all attention tomorrow.

The Day came. I performed a solo dance sequence which gave me an ever ending cheer and hoot. It lifted me in spirits and gave me a new confidence in an all new college.

Once the talent round was over, we walked with our partners and of all the selected ones three pairs were shortlisted inclusive of me and Apoorv and that guy with a girl.

He still gave me that disgusting expression which was lowering me in spirits. But i gathered myself and gave a great introduction followed by answering a question to which I received huge round of applause from the audience.

When this guy’s turn came, even before he started speaking there was an uncontrollable energy in the audience declaring him as Mr. Fresher. I was amazed and at the same time got highly curious as to what makes him so popular within a day.

He introduced himself and when he said his name was “Nikunj” Bhatia, my heart skipped a beat.
I just gave myself false hopes that if he was the guy I was paired with, I did a blunder in changing my partner. But I kept reassuring myself that he can’t be the Nikunj I rejected.

As the stage got clear and there were few minutes left in between when the result was supposed to be announced, I rushed to the coordinator and inquired whether he was the Nikunj I had rejected.

The coordinator replied “Yes. Kavya. He is the one. God knows what’s your definition of Handsome ?”

The world froze for me. I just wanted to run away and not return to this college ever.

As expected he was chosen as Mr. Fresher and his partner as Ms. Fresher.
He walked the stage with her and gave me that look of disgust with a crown on his head.

I had nothing to say to him or anyone around. Though people came and congratulated me for being the runner’s up but my state of mind was in a totally different direction. I was numb and cold.

A new college where one tries to develop a good impression, I screwed it.

Few weeks passed and we had  another event for the selection of dance teams to represent college.

I had gained some name because of my performance earlier and Nikunj was equally popular. But still we didn’t see an eye to eye with each other. In the rounds that happened his team and mine both were selected.

The problem came when the Coordinator said “If you guys need to perform you both need to perform as one team.”

The moment she made this remark the air of the room filled with such awkwardness which I am sure no one has ever experienced.

Nikunj said “I will not perform with this girl.”

I said ” I will not perform at all if he does.”

There was a dual going on without any premised animosity. No one understood what was the matter except us. For there was really no basis for our awkward relationship but things were the way they were.

We two who couldn’t stand each other were asked to perform as a ‘couple’ once again. We both are Dancers. We certainly cannot comment on each other’s skills. But the choice of performing or not was also taken from us in the name of reputation of college.

Though a team was forced upon us of which we were made members resulted into something which turned out to be a joke we still laugh at.

The rift between the two of us which I assumed was my fault of rejecting him considering him someone else was not the sole reason. He was disgusted for he too wanted me as a partner and took me for someone else like I did.

Just the case for him was that ‘ Kavya’ became one with uncontrollable self obsession and for me ‘Nikunj’ became the one which was not good looking enough.

A chaos created out of no where bonded us through Dance.
The way Freshers started for us, certainly the Farewell didn’t end in that way.


The supposed couple that we were destined to be, did became a reality in our performances.

I lived some epiphanic moments of romance through choreography and developed a sacred bond of friendship with him.

For a girl like me who had never had an experience around boys felt something for someone like Nikunj. There can be no win against the fate.

We lived a fiction in a non fiction and that is where it rests. Not all stories that have a beautiful journey seek a Happy closure. There is contentment but no pseudo hopes of making things concrete.

“One’s not half of two; two are halves of one.”