Bewildering Wildness – Between the Woods!

Travelling with your girlfriend is a sure shot break from the monotonous life. I tried to turn down my temptation but it was tough to resist the call of the open road and the much impatient Aditi was all over me ; calling me after every thirty minutes to seek confirmation. I switched off my phone as the majesty herself landed at college.

“Aditya, Are you coming?” She asked straight away with a glimmer of expectation on her charming face.

I didn’t say a word and hugged her.

“I’m taking it as a Yes.” She said while jumping with joy.

I did my homework two days prior to the road trip. I was going to bend on one knee in front of her in the most special manner possible. Yes from my very look it was obvious for everyone to guess but somehow there were butterflies in my stomach.

Three couples and One prospective couple (surely that was Aditi and me who belonged to the latter category) and ten off-loaders of future managers were all set to hit the highway at as early as four in the morning. I woke up swollen-eyed and half-asleep at the crack of dawn to pick my dearest Aditi.


A 300 km drive from Delhi with the girl of your dreams by your side and to have the best possible weekend ahead and all the more imagery of the not so happening ‘things’ to be done with the girl who is yet to become your official ‘girlfriend’ in mind, we accelerated towards the wild jungles.

It was when we were lost somewhere near Ramnagar , a haunted village with no map, no working GPS, no freaking clue as to where we were while the needle on the oil tank was sinking lower and lower, that’s when the real adventure started hitting us. Aditi was tensed as I was incapable of answering her questions and everything seemed now turning into a B grade horrendous horror movie.

Aditi tried to take some help from a truck driver who rather solicited. When I approached a guy and asked for the fuel, I got a gun point in return. Somehow we came out of the shit that just popped up out of nowhere. Deep inside, we didn’t really care where we were going. We didn’t really need a why, either.

With four cars back to back in an almost similar state of affairs with fuel and energy both drowning we took a fair chance and decided to keep moving ahead with an optimistic hope in hearts.
The filthy ‘off-loader three girls’ started enchanting stupid “Bhoot bhagao mantras” and pissed all of us on board even more.
Finally with a small dreary phase in the very beginning of the road trip we had somehow hit the highway. A sense of relief within me and that calm and composed smile on Aditi’s face simply filled me with a feeling that I have rescued my love from all odds.

Already driving for so long and everyone almost in the need to use the loo, we got off at the first petrol pump where our cars were filled up to the brim and we all loosened ourselves till the last drop.

The seats were now exchanged with Aditi driving us towards bewildering wildness that awaits us. Everything seemed like an epiphany as if I am in an everlasting dream which I did’t wish to end.
Though the people in the seats behind us had all dozed off, Aditi and I were on a spree with our ever ending conversation. We talked, we discussed, we argued and we continued on. Neither we ever fall short of topics nor we were bothered who is around us listening or not listening to what we said.
Our world was our own where no one else existed!

  Travelling with Aditi was like travelling with another version of one’s self. I could nod at something with my eyes, she’d look, and without a word an entire conversation was exchanged. We finished each other’s sentences.

This trip to me, unlike others, was not about dirty sex in the woods, doing the nasty things, getting jiggy , boning, a code word for eating a girl out, food , scenery or the wine.

It was all about Aditi, the girl who made it all possible and changed my life.

 With her, I was growing (emotionally, not just in the waist and thighs). I was excited for 24- hour Aditi syndrome for the next four days.

We reached, exhausted – all of us directly checked in the hotel “Between the woods” which though appeared extremely ghostly but for the bunch that had traveled with us it all seemed like a lavishing cake on which each one of us was ready to jump.

A blonde looking girl, as we reached our floor gave that hungry expression to her boyfriend and they within a split second were shut behind the doors.
I though love Aditi and am waiting to unite with her but still we do maintain that distance until everything becomes ‘official’ between the two of us. We had had a long day and we dosed off to wake up to an all new beautiful day ahead of us.

As per the scheduled plan we left after the breakfast to witness ‘the other animals’ apart from us who existed in this universe. The jeep, the elephant safari and US .

Aditi and I had brought similar military pants and a similar tee with tiger printed on it. Though yes, Aditi had brought Hot pants and she looked even hotter wearing them. Everyone around stared us as if we were the animals whom we all have come to see after a 300 km drive. Surely we were a class apart.

“Will we be sitting on the Elephants and riding all through the forest?” asked Aditi, in a very babyish excitement.

I cutely smiled and replied “Yes, My dear. It’s the special princely arranged Elephant for the princess like lady.”

She Blushed and hugged me tightly.

The following day then went all cosy and adventuring and exploring the forests of Jim Corbett. The Elephant Safari gave delight to me and I am sure much more to the elephant on whom a feather like lady sat with utter elegance. We saw an exquisite environment where everything existed in harmony and there was love all around whether you saw deer, squirrels, rabbits, giraffes etc at a far stretched land or cuckoos, parrots, pelicans stretched all over. It was blissful.

Yes, though it’s a trip and we all are adults but some sex-beasts who had travelled with us left no opportunity of making out in the woods as and when they got a chance- risking their lives as well as ours. We were almost on the verge of an attack by some gorillas. And some geeks like singles who have also accompanied us are still hesitant and might try to flirt out and probably turn a couple of girls towards them.


But apart from this adulteration by our side we were least bothered of what others were planning to indulge in as long as we were together- having fun.

At night we all had planned a pool party and so each one of us in as comfortable the outfits possible reached the pool side with music all set, beer crates ready and barbeque buffet well placed.
Everyone was around but Aditi was missing. I called her up but it repeatedly went on call waiting. I was worried. To top it all the girls in whom I were absolutely not interested started giving inviting expressions to enter the pool. Undoubtedly every girl in the pool automatically turns hot but then at this moment it was Aditi who was in my mind and I really was not in a mood to mingle with anyone around.

With a bottle of beer in hand I kept on calling Aditi and waited for her to come down. As I decided to move towards the room, I saw a shadow of a female with a sleek off shoulder wrap around steadily approaching towards me.
Before I could recognise the person and get back to my senses, she came and kissed me on cheeks and signalled me to be inside the pool. After a grasp of the second I realised that steaming hot lady was my beloved Aditi. Nobody could take their eyes off her. I felt I was in a silent dream.

I stood numb and before I could even grasp my breath again, she had her swim, came out spilling every other drop of water, completely drenched and was now relaxing by the side. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I immediately ran and sat beside her before some unwanted lad would have dared to sit beside her. I offered her beer and then again we indulged in our conversation.

I asked in concern, “Where were you, Aditi? I was trying your cell for so long and it repeatedly went on call waiting.”

She replied, “Sorry! It was Sara.”

I said, “Oh. All Good? “

She replied, “Yes. Yes.”

Every other owl eye was set on her and we were as ignorant.
A stupid guy had had an argument with her girlfriend and just to distract himself from her approached Aditi and asked her to Dance.

And before Aditi could utter a word, I responded on her behalf and said “We are about to reach the dance floor. Probably later, Friend.”
And he went away with a fucked up face.
Then, Aditi said, “Aditya, Shall we?”

I was stunned and clueless.

Aditi continued, “ …. Dance….”

I nodded in affirmation with a blush on my face.

It was this extremely soft musical piece by Bryan Adams – “Everything I do, I do it for you”, incoherence with the feel and the atmosphere.

She was completely drenched and my hands were on her curved waistline. There is this unsaid chemistry between us which I am sure makes us the best possible couple existing on this earth. The dim light which fell on us even steamed the atmosphere all over. It was a very subtle sweet cosy dance that we were sharing. We were just feeling each other with our eyes focused towards each other. Then I lifted her in my arms and cuddled her like a baby.

Aditi was all red. By the time the music ended we were just so involved in each other, we had lost track of time, place and people. Silently conversing via eyes and softly moving back and forth to the tune. Probably that’s the cutest moment I have ever had with her. She’s a delicate darling.

Apart from us there were a few more couples but I believe we were the hottest ‘unofficial’ couple.

After few seconds I realized it was just us who were left behind, dancing and romanticizing while others smoked up hukka, drank beer and ate and were almost leaving.

This fellow mate of us was clicking our pictures and by the time music ended he approached us and said “You make a great couple. Bless you two.”

It was  one fine perfect night that I had spent with her. Then we reached  our room and I kissed her on her cheeks and we slept as the next day was going to be a long and adventurous one at Jim Corbett.

So on ‘The Day’ at Jim Corbett we managed to somehow get permission to Camp at night amidst the wild jungles where normally it’s prohibited for tourists.

A friend of ours whose father is an environmentalist had certain contacts so not only we got four forest guards to our rescue but also every arrangement was made almost free of cost. To top it all this day was the day when another friend of ours had had his birthday so rest other things like alcohol and non- vegetarian food was on him. It’s always an extremely kingly feeling when someone else is around to pay for your unlimited diet.

We left with our small back packs as we now had to return the next morning back to our hotel rooms. In a way this day was the day when we would experience the real adventure and had a chance to live it to the optimum. We had a heavy breakfast for we had to be on foot all day long exploring the intricacies of the forest.

We split ourselves in four groups and left for four different directions with one forest guard each.
As it’s said that when you really desire for something you surely get that. It was Aditi, Me, the photographer friend and a couple. The photographer friend captured for us all the memories that probably will always remain imprinted in our souls and minds. Secondly the couple with us were as romantic and as much in love as we were. So it was a so called decent lot that travelled and to top it all was our forest guard very Haryanvi in his accent and very sporty.

The Photographer friend found his company in the forest guard and blurted out all required general knowledge and walked ahead of us, giving the couples behind a chance to probably make out some Love. We headed towards the western direction.
It was tiring but when you have a girl like Aditi by your side you can probably take a walk around the world and return with the energy of taking another stroll. It’s about being with the love of your life in every damn situation. We had almost walked for three hours witnessing all wonderful creatures that exist in one common place and having the time of their life like us when we decided to take a break for some time and sat on rocks nearby.

I asked Aditi, “Are you fine, dear?”

She replied with a naughty smile, “I so wish if there was a Spa between the jungles where the travellers like us could have got a massage.”

I ran the horses in my head and replied more wittily, “Your wish is my command, Madam.”

I put her legs on my thigh and rested her upper body carefully on the rock. I asked her to close her eyes and imagine herself in an ambience of natural spa and asked to just relax herself and loosen up her body. I kissed her on her forehead. Then I took off her shoes and socks and her foot were as if they have been pedicured a minute back – absolutely clean, fresh and soft. I pressed and caressed them slowly. The smile on her face could tell that she was feeling great and I know she always loves when I caress her. I am gentle, extremely gentle.

Suddenly, we heard a roar of a tiger and Aditi jumped out of fear and in the process of stabilising herself she badly fell from the rock and sprained her right ankle.

The forest guard asked us to not panic, the tiger just woke up from his mid – day nap and is miles away from us and we can comfort ourselves.

The relaxation of the tiger un-relaxed my beloved and gave her a terrible sprain.

The worst site in the world is to see your loved ones in pain in front of you where you become helpless and have to see them bearing the pain. Being the Man you also have to hide your tears and act strong. Aditi got a few scars on her ankle and it was badly twisted. I just prayed it was not a fracture. In few minutes came the medical practitioner and an ambulance. They gave the first aid and said not to pressurize the ankle. They asked Aditi if she wanted to return to the hotel, they would drop her back. But Aditi is a brave girl and she said that she’ll be fine and wanted to stay back.

I tried a lot to convince her to return back and rest, to which she responded softly in my ears, “The Real adventure begins now. Don’t worry; with you by my side, I’ll be fine.”

And I laughed that Aditi smile. She’s unbelievable and unpredictable.

After gaining some breath again, we all headed ahead and to our surprise the direction that we had chosen had an immense water body ahead of us with rafts to ride over the lake. I had lifted Aditi on my back and as we reached the lakeside, the view left us all awestruck. It felt as if she was Eve and I am Adam in our Garden of Eden. It was a picturesque sight.

It’s said that when you expect the least out of life it’s when you get the most out of it. We saw some long left unused boats in a deserted position and to thoroughly let the spirit high of the tour we all placed ourselves comfortably on the two boats and left for a voyage which we could have not imagined even in our freakiest of dreams.

It was calm, quiet and serene. We were exploring that part of the world which is probably forbidden, which is probably undiscovered, which is probably unlived. The utterance of even a single word seemed to disturb the peace of the environment. For the next couple of hours we all remained silent and only conversed with our gestures and celebrated the existence of such liveliness on this Earth. Indeed we are bestowed with exquisite flora and fauna.
It was that phase of our life which I never wanted to let go. I wanted to be there with Aditi for a lifetime.

After a dream like journey through the wild woods we reached finally towards the center of the forest which was our camp site and where everyone was supposed to meet. Within an hour each one of us were there with a sudden silence and calm on every one’s face as it has transported all of us from the dirty, chaotic, political world of the metros to an ecstatic and elevated world of natural peace. It was this moment in each one of our lives where we set back and thought what are we really made for? What is the purpose of our existence in this world?

Finally after a rest for another hour and with darkness almost ready to prevail, our camps were all well placed by the forest guards and the fire was lit. The food was being cooked.

We all now sat around the camp fire. Each one of us was still so quiet and still so lost. We all took rum in our hands as it was turning cold by the night and we really needed something strong to keep us warm. Soon we were filled with the fire and regained that naughty energy with which we had set for Jim Corbett.
This very guy with curled hair, not- so- interesting looks; dark complexioned broke the ice by playing guitar. It was the least I could have expected on my part. He sat on this elevated wooden bench and started playing those soft unplugged numbers which were perfect score for any building up cosy moment. I also noticed in just a day each one of us was turned from singles to a pair. Each one was now in a couple around the camp fire. Aditi and I had settled with comfort on bedding and lay next to each other.

Her head on my lap and we were lost into each other along with the music. He then strummed few strings which as if perfumed the atmosphere with a lull and every one was so close to their partners – some people implanted kiss on the lips, some hugged each other so tight and rest that is us we were almost about to kiss and I was hesitant enough to not to touch her lips while she was conscious. But to my surprise Aditi initiated that very first move and we were into each other. We kissed and kissed and kissed till there was absolute silence. After the music stopped each one of us were all red and blushing.

Finally we decided to get wild. We played this passing and parcel game whereby each couple will get an animal to act on and they had to show the love making between the animals they were portraying. As the game began, I thought our fellow mates will shy but to my surprise they were fabulous at their job. The first couple got Tiger and Tigress, the second got giraffe and so on. We were the second last couple in order to perform. We got the most sexually active animal or rather reptile – The Snakes. We just had to be into and over each other to express our love making. The guy played the tune of Nagin and Aditi and I were so great at it, it seemed as if were the transformed Naga and Nagini. Aditi even hissed and took her tongue out which  really turned me on.

Our Love had gone wild. She’s surely a ‘menaka’- the one who tempts, the one who evokes, the one who raises your aspirations. We got a lot of applauses and hooting for our act and just not to mention we won this game. At the back of my mind I had this thought that I can win even death if Aditi is by my side!

She is that blessing which so far I was devoid off.

After that continued the session of sharing “The Love Stories” and what is the wild quotient in each one of us. We drank beyond our limits. Some left us in- between towards their camp to actually materialise the love, to get united and some were by the camp fire getting all cosy and turning one in the other sense. Aditi and I spent that night too by the fire- Just the two of us, melting down into pieces. I don’t remember when it was morning and we were awakened by the forest guards to pack and leave for the Hotel – “Between the Woods.”

The best part was now we didn’t had to walk back all those kilometers as all our heads were banging because of the hangover. So we had Jeeps to drop us back. We had to leave our heaven today by noon. So we reached our rooms, freshened up, took power naps, packed our stuff and met at the restaurant for Lunch.

I lifted Aditi in my arms and brought her to the lobby, rested her on the sofa and went to the counter for the completion of the checking out process. Then we went to check the fuel in our cars and filled it with the essential food items and water that we might require on our way back to Delhi.

As we were about to bid adieu to Jim Corbett, came back the photographer friend and took a group picture of us where by again we were all made to stand in pairs – some old and some newly formed and us who are still the “unofficial one”.

We all hugged each other and sat back in our respective cars and left the heaven behind. The four days flew within a flash of a second. These four days were the best days of my life. This time Aditi and I rested on the back seat with Aditi’s head on my lap and we traveled by.

Her hair were on her face, I pushed them back and touched her lips; moist and soft as ever. I stopped seconds before a collision; otherwise it could have been my last kiss. Thereafter, I simply caressed her till the point I left her home and placed her comfortably on bed.

As I was about to leave her house, Aditi said, “Thank You Aditya for a perfect time.”

I smiled, hugged her and implanted a kiss and said “See you tomorrow at college.”