‘Spread the Legs’

“Oh God!”

“When will this pain last?”

“When will this bleeding stop?”

“Am I scarred for Life? “

Distressed in body and mind with a cluster of thoughts, Asavari bearing the uncontrollable pain became unconscious.

The White sheets. The Yellowed lights. The Blurred visions.


The uncertainty of the events had left her in a bubble which couldn’t be pricked. What had happened? What is it which makes these lines a concentric circle?

It was her first time on the field. She is no player. She is still a learner.

She required attention and had to pay some when the rules were being established.

How can one be so lulled in a world of their own that they fail to see the danger coming!

She knew there were transformations in her body. Some unusual enlargement of balls on her chest and some unusual changes to which she had no answer.

The state of trouble and curiosity made her explore herself but the same didn’t suffice her hunger for knowledge.

As she walked she felt something thumping on her broad chest. She felt she was stung by a bee because of which this unnecessary swelling has happened. She had that consciousness somehow that it is a private body space and hence she felt a little embarrassed to talk about it.


Nonetheless, she tried vocalizing it to her friends but they didn’t respond affirmatively and instead laughed out on her query. After all they were passing through the same phase.





Among all these extraordinary events in her life, Asavari encountered one more. She along with her friends was playing basketball in their games period.

Asavari exclaimed, “Basket! Basket! Basket!”

She ran throughout the court to support her teammate. In a flash of second, she felt as if she was urinating, losing her bladder control.

The moment she looked towards her knees, drops of red colored urine were slipping through her thighs towards legs beneath her skirt.

She was clustered with thoughts of humiliation. Everyone around asked her to go to the medical room but also laughed at her face.

Poor soul couldn’t understand what was happening to her.

The sister in the medical room asked Asavari “Is this your first time?”

She stood there with an embarrassed face.

The sister said “Give me your mother’s number, I wish to talk to her?”

Asavari begged her to not to call for she thought she had committed something bad by urinating ‘red’ in her clothes on the field. She will be punished and scolded if her mother is called to school.

The sister gave her a white padded plastic cloth and asked her to put it between her thighs.

Asavari couldn’t understand what was happening to her.

She felt uncomfortable as if she was being operated.

The sister lifted her skirt, lowered her underwear and asked her to “Spread The Legs”. She placed the ‘thing’, pressed it on her private part and lifted the underwear up and lowered her skirt back.

The sister then said “When you go home tell your mother about it. Be careful from the next month.”

Asavari felt she had got some disease which is going to happen to her every month and now she will have no friends.

With her stained skirt and sad face she returned to the classroom. She felt everyone looked at her with questionable eyes and was laughing at her state.

She sat on her seat and felt something spongy and wet. She felt now she is going to urinate red and not yellow. As if she will do so whenever the urine wishes to flow out and not when she can go to the washroom and do it.

She wept till  the school ended for the day. As she returned home, she searched for her mother, but she wasn’t there.

Asavari felt weak in her stomach and legs ; and the ‘thing’ between her legs was uncomfortable to her.

Bela Kaaki, their maid, was home. On seeing Asavari in such a state, she asked her,”What happened, Beta?”

Asavari hugged her and in her teary voice told her what had happened at the school.

Bela Kaaki comforted her and told her now she is becoming a Big Girl. She should be more careful about her actions and behavior. She should not play these games.

She took her to the bathroom to change her clothes and Once again, like the sister, she asked her to “Spread The Legs” so that she could clean her properly.





















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