Grey within Gallery



She was a young and vibrant woman. With aspirations to contribute towards creative spheres she traveled to places known & unknown.

Today for her was a work assignment to be completed at a place which stored stories on different types of canvas of artists from all over the world.

She met the concerned authority who asked her to wait for an hour. She was a dedicated one so she stayed behind.

Travelling through different years and continents she explored a region shelved up on the upper most rack. It was ‘Arts from Tibet’. In between her mind to explore the two subsumed nations – Africa & Tibet; she chose to explore the cold winds above hotter ones.




She asked the person concerned to help her with the subject she was looking for. All he did was mocked at her on how fat she was and how she couldn’t climb up the ladder.

He said, “If you could have been a little fit, you would have jumped up and touched the peak of the mountains in Tibet.”

She said, “I still can. I don’t need to jump. I just need to climb up on some stool to match the height.”

She carried the heavy steel stool towards a tucked in rack stand. She arranged the shaking stool and slowly climbed up.

A voice of the same man came like a mocking statement-“Still there or fallen?”

She said, “Very stable and floating like a feather.”

From the dust and dark of the shelf she chose some hardbound books from which she wished to find the voices of those numbed women who have now become Art.

She was looking for more.

He got up and said “Come. Let me show you.”

She in her childlike innocence and eyes bright with knowledge for more glanced through the shelves to find one word which said “Tibet.”

He touched her from back and she retaliated.

He said, “Beta. Come.  I’ll show you Tibet.”

She just nodded in denial.

He engulfed her to which she reacted with a jerk of her shoulder and elbow.

He said, “ You are too fat to reach Tibet anyway.”

She said, “ I will carve my own way” and left the place.

She waited for another hour to meet the original person she had come to meet.

He handed over the document and she was left with a thought whether a painting painted in Grey  is equally beautiful?