History of Hairbrushes


A well-crafted personality is what completes one as an individual. But what if the primary dressing that is our hair are not well groomed?

We all wish to imitate the best looking personalities and try to appear as good looking as possible. But ever wondered how come hair became an important matter of consideration that a special heed is paid to it. We have equipment, shampoos and other treatments to keep our hair well-groomed.

But ever wondered who felt the need that the threads of no usage need attention and grooming? Who must have had a though of creating something like a ‘hairbrush’ which can help in smoothing our hair?

There is no recorded date as to when such a thing came into existence, but it dates back when men started living in civilizations. When they acted human and they felt a need to stay clean. There have been diversified civilizations and the vast expanse of human stretch has given different texture to different people living in varied climatic zones.

Initially the hairbrushes are reported to be made of natural materials. Wood forming the base and bristles were made of wood or of animal hairs such as wild bear or horses. Greeks and Romans witnessed different style of equipment. The historians have also recorded metallic brushes such as made from gold, silver, copper etc. for the royalty.

The sole purpose of a hairbrush is to straighten and untangle the threads of hair. Also it is interesting to note, long before humans started using it for their own hair, and it was used for animals to groom their hair.

William Kent founded the first hair brush manufacturer, Kent Brushes in 1777 in Great Britain. The record of a modern hairbrush is found to be a brush with elastic wire teeth along with natural bristles patented by Samuel Firey in 1870.

The usage and need has changed with the type of hair one has. A standard hair brush has a base and teeth which are used to simply comb the strands but with changing decades different varieties came into prominence.

The shift from metallic to wooden and now to plastic has been a trend that is credited to the evolution of science. The bristles which were made of animal teeth or hair are now all synthetically made and adhere to the type of hair for which they need to be used.

We have sleek teeth, curved bushes and other rollers for the hairs in type.  There is also a separate distinction for the combs which is gender based. For men since they have less hair there are small combs with short bristles. For women who range from short length to long with straight or curly hair, there are brushes and combs addressing the quality of the hair.

Though not much cost has ever incurred on their creation but still since this is an industry in itself plastic usage is the most common and reduces the cost. They are handy and portable and now have even reduced to the size of finger.

Hair styling is an all new business sector in the fashion business and different shapes and sizes of hairbrushes are now available for a different new hairstyle.

Every object has its evolution and it modifies with each passing time. Hairbrushes are equipment of daily usage and more than just a tool of looking just fine they are required for proper combing of the hair so that they remain clean, neat and settled.