History of Lingerie and Thongs

Clothing is the most essential garment that we need to wear not just to hide our private parts but also to appear covered and look decent. Of the three known necessities in the world namely food, shelter and clothing; clothing is an essential third.

Beneath the visible exterior covering, lies the minute clothing which in layman’s language we call ‘undergarments’ and these are used to cover our primary private parts. But even to these un-showcased pieces of cloth lie an interesting history. Usage of inner clothing is a recent phenomenon, it is just a century old and so everyone can easily relate to its evolution and progress.

Lingerie has been derived from a French term “lingie” which has been incorporated into English and is now used in context of exotic inner wear for women.  After the First World War break through, women came into public sphere to work and earn a living. A transition is seen primarily since then. Earlier when women were confined within indoors they wore large and loose hanging garments of thick fabric, but with their movement in to the public life, they now started using much lighter fabric and more fitted garments.

Mary Phelps Jacob brought into prominence the usage of fitted brassieres and panties which accurately fitted the parts. Till the middle of the 20th century women just wore these garments to support their breasts and genital area and did not adhere to the size of the same. The only motif was comfort. But around the turn of the 20th century accurately measured bras and panties were available in the market from which the women could chose according to their size and easily wear under t-shirts and other clothing.



The world’s largest lingerie retailer operates in North America namely ‘Victoria’s Secret’. Apart from the supportive usage, lingerie has always been and still is a site of voyeuristic pleasure for others as it enhances the structuring of private parts. Fashion designers have experimented time and again to make it more appealing, exotic and seductive.  Women wear these at beaches and those in the profession of bar dancing or such similar affairs use these as tools to attract customers. Most women even wear them to lure their partners into bed.

Lingerie is not just a medium of covering the private parts but is also prominently used to arouse men and to look exotic. Though in certain parts of the world such as Islamic countries and for young girls it is not banned but is also not much encouraged.

Following on the similar lines or to be seen as an extension is a story of coming of ‘Thongs’ in to the cloth culture. Thongs are primarily underwear to cover specifically the genital region of both males and females. They are said to exist for about 75,000 years and more. These were worn by the natives of African countries specially males. The wrestlers have also worn thongs to protect their genitals from getting hurt.


Thongs have resemblance to a bikini but are different from regular underwear in the sense it has a piece of cloth covering the front part and is attached through a thin string covering just the anal line and the buttocks are left naked and is worn by both males and females. The material of a thong is reduced to bare minimum.

Further they are divided into categories such as G-string, V-string, C-string and T- back. They are available in wide variety of materials such as silk, nylon, cotton, satin etc.

Thongs are especially designed differently from males because of their penis size which needs some space for adjustment and for women it is much glued to their vagina. The preference of thongs has increased in masses because of its lesser surface area. The impressions are not visible on the outer clothing and it also provides relaxation better as compared to larger garments.

Lingerie and Thongs are both exotic in their appearance and hence they are still considered vulgar. People wear them at Nude beaches and certain partners during sexual intimacy to get aroused.



Thongs are much acceptable as swimsuits but even then its public acceptance is still questionable. Though these are comfortable but due to their nature of optimum body exposure young girls and even teens are not advised to wear. These also help in body enhancements and can leave negative impressions in their mind.

Undergarments are a necessity to protect our private parts but when they take the form of lingerie and thongs it’s important to realize that one wearing them falls in a right age because they make one feel adult.  Therefore be wise in choice of your selection of your everyday undergarment.