The Books of The Bible New Testament

Published by: Biblica

Year of Publication: 2011


The Bible is the word of God in writing. The Bible was created to be experienced by people in the form of discussions, debates and deeper understanding.

Today, Religion has become more political and followers either believe because they are born in a particular religion or have been accustomed to in different ways. Without knowing the primary word there are unnecessary stories around the Holy Scripture.

The Books of the Bible New Testament is a translation of the Holy Scripture in English to be made available for the audience worldwide to read and think on the word of the God. This book narrates the story of the Son of God like a story narrated in a novel.

It is a simple English read where the sacrifice of the Son of God to free mankind of all sins and evil was taken on by one person named Jesus.

His teachings and lessons are key examples of how one should live a life devoid of any evil doings. It is important for a man to love his brothers and sisters, earn his bread and follow the path of God.

Time and again through different ways the book tries to establish how with every new time period that came and will come, people believed in the coming of Jesus, Son of God but when he came they didn’t show faith in him.

It is important that one should believe and show faith, for those who do, they will be redeemed.

There are many instances in the book where people are hungry in numbers as huge as 5000 and 7000 with availability of only 12 loafs of bread and 7 fishes. It is the power invested in the Son of God, who makes everyone fill their stomachs with the available food and also feed themselves.

There is no turbulence for him when he travels on sea. He calls out for the evil spirit to come out for the human body and it does.

The entire premise is based on the idea of “Faith, Hope and Love.”

As a reader and as a non-Christian, for me this book which is The Bible becomes a primary source of understanding what the word of God is.

Every word is applicable in any time period we chose to be in. There are certain ways of living which the book teaches and each time one fails to believe in moral values and God’s existence there is a punishment assigned.

Even if one thinks they have tricked the ways of God, they are ultimately answerable to the father – God.

The dead will be risen and will become angels. But those who have sinned will suffer.

The book also highlights how with time some people in lust of power and kingdom became false preachers and sowed seeds of doubt and confusion which lead the masses in a state of flux.

The one who believes in the father and practices a moral life is the one who is a true follower.

The book has messages in the form of letters sent by the prophets and messengers who had the Holy Spirit invested in them by God to spread the message all over the globe.

Therefore “in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit” one should stay true to what they are doing and believe in the existence of almighty God which will bring revelation.


The book is a must read to understand the concept of crucifixion, resurrection and revelation.