A Girl-friend

She slept with her eyes half open
and narrated the stories of horror.

I lulled her into a dream, woven
from reality reflected in the mirror.

She said, “You know?”
I replied “I don’t even want to know.”

She teased with his nod and shake of hand,
I reacted with a blush and wave of my wrist-band.

Slowly, I initiated the talk,
She winked and beside him, took a walk.

Back at the room, she said “Today was Alot!”
I replied “I guess, it was just my Lot!”

She is younger but she knew more,
I was elder, still failed to ignore.

As the intimacy with him begin to grow,
she had her tantrums to throw.

She said “You are a fool.”
I replied “But he is so cool.”

On our way to the places far,
the relationship became a little sour.
She mumbled and her words jumbled
I fumbled and still bumbled.

As we lay  in the bed making a night to remember,
we caressed, cried and promised to be Together.