10 A.M.

They rolled over to realize that it was already morning. One on the other-above, below, beside, on, off and all kinds of prepositions which define a position fitted these best.

Alisha said, “Let me sleep, Bitches.”

They all laughed and jumped on her to make all her Comfort- a discomfort.

Togetherness is sometimes incomplete without touches.

One room. One bed. Three friends.

From classroom fights to office crushes there was nothing which the three didn’t share. One said to the second, the second to the third and in between came all the irrelevant stories which became relevant in each other’s presence.

It took them almost six years to be in the same bed with each other. Even when they finally entered, all they did was stretch and sleep.

The ideas of getaways are adventurous and thrilling when seen in movies or talked about in discussions. When executed, it is human bodies resting like dead beings on comforted cushioned bedding.

The skin was softer than ever and the three being one was a feeling for them to be experienced for the first time.

Alisha is a knowledge store house and spends her nights like days working in shifts. She never has time to see the watch but still manages whenever it is about meeting these two.

Saisha is a chirpy and bubbly one. It was her home which had become the base camp for the night.

Tanisha is soft and silent. She speaks loudly in her mind and has to be pushed for everything. Even making it for the night was like running a marathon for her.

Saisha geared up to prepare for the morning breakfast and asked “What will you guys have?”

Tanisha replied, “What’s in the menu?”

Saisha said, “This is not your private cafe, Bitch. Get up and cook. I just asked out of courtesy. Even I have no clue what is there in the kitchen.”

( They all laughed like old times.)

Aisha who was curled on the bed shouted in half sleep “What is this obsession with eating? Every time I listen to you guys, you are always fighting over Food. Do you even poop or is there some Panda store in your stomach?”

Tanisha said “You know, Aisha is right. I haven’t used the toilet since 1901. I am sure I do have a Panda store.”

Saisha jumped up instantly and remarked “Please you both. Stop the poop shit. I now need to use the loo.”

As the laughter and giggle slowed down. Tanisha asked “When did we sleep last night?”

No one had any memory of what had happened the previous night. They kept guessing and joked in order to recall. But nothing worked.

Suddenly the door opened and there was a fourth one with glasses of lime juice in a tray.

All three of them saw, then looked at each other and shouted “Who are you, Bitch?”

She said, “I am Galen. You hired me for a night and . . .”

Their eyes popped out and were looking at her to reveal more information.

“But first have some juice. You guys really need it” Galen said.

They sipped and sipped.

Galen said, “I don’t know why you called me. There was really no need.”

Saisha as clueless as others said “But we didn’t call you.”

Gelan replied, “You three are so obsessed with each other and had your own blabbering going on the whole night. You have no idea what a mess you have made in your living room. I just stayed back to know “Who is the fucking bride-to-be out of you three”?”

All said “Oh!” and rolled over laughing.

“We thought we were still having our first Sleepover but shit it was the Bachelor’s night.”