The Room on the Roof

Author: Ruskin Bond
Year of Publication: 1956


Ruskin Bond is one of the most loved authors by readers of every age group. There is an untouched innocence in his writing which makes it an experience for the reader to cherish.

The Room on the Roof is one of his initial books which shares the story of a young boy Rusty, an orphan, who’s idea of the world are different from what he has been schooled to learn.

The book captures the beautiful essence of a boy who experiences life and reality distinct from what he is told and what he sees.

As a reader, the book is a recommendation for those who wish to engage with the idea of reading. It is a simple read and has been made more lucrative to eyes through its 60th edition published by Penguin where there are inked illustrations by Ahlawat Gunjan.

Hills and its various images makes us go weak in knees for it is a place where we all crave to go. Ruskin Bond through the character of Rusty brings to life this extra ordinary growing up journey of a young boy who is there in the world to live by himself. He gets an opportunity to make his way through a room on the roof which becomes his base camp for all his creative pursuits.

The book is a story about friendship and joy set in the town of Dehra Dun. It is a well woven narrative which also makes the reader a part of the plot.

The book is inspiring for those who need a little light to show them the path to walk on.

“I don’t want to rot like mangoes at the end of the season, or burnout like the sun at the and of the day. I cannot live like the gardener, the cook and water-carrier, doing the same task everyday of my life… I want to be either somebody or nobody. I don’t want to be anybody.”

  • – Ruskin Bond, The Room on the Roof