An Editor

A splash of ink is thrown on an editor’s face
who puts a lot of effort in making a reading interface.

With mistakes like ‘there’ and ‘their’
the editor is left neither here nor there.

Giving benefit-of-doubt to the author’s creative caricature,
an editor is left only with an option to consistently ignore the sentence structure.

Further still following the flow of author’s created plot,
an editor finds persistent lack of consistency which if not changed will decide author’s lot.

Parenthesis and Quotes are symbols which are usually inappropriately used
Em Dash & En Dash are put to make the book look more fused.

Even when there are gaps left
a critical discussion prevents the bereft.

With the text made crisp, clean and clear
there are blurbs and titles which never seem too fair.

The book’s cover seems a blur
with the final pages tending to curl.

An editor by the end of the process is almost devastated,
till both the author & editor sees the first copy of the book and are left flabbergasted!

There is joy in the process which turns the spilt ink into a meaningful sketch,
ultimately spreading happiness to those who finally read it from the scratch.

As the one corrected script is sent to the press to be printed,
an editor finds another and looks for  the mistakes in it to  be stressed.