Harper Collins India Blogger’s meet with Author Yashodhara Lal

Publishing is a progressive business. For some it might be the route to fame and money, but for a lot of them it is a process of getting their voice and ideas documented and for the world to become a part of it.

Harper Collins India organised a Blogger’s Meet on Saturday, 5 November 2016 with Author Yashodhara Lal, where she dicussed about her book ‘When Love Finds You’ along with an interesting session with its Commissioning Editor Mansi Subramaniam.

The meet started with an informal round of introduction, followed by exploring Harper Collins Office in Noida, where work appeared fun and not just a job.


For any book lover, the working space is a shelter created out of books, about books and a space for  introducing new books.

With about 10 bloggers who write their tales digitally came together sharing one common love – Books.

Mansi Subramanian shared the entire process of Publishing at Harper which seemed interesting to hear, but surely is no cake walk for the team who is bringing out every book. The journey from a manuscript to a sell able book is as good and difficult an experience compared to a child completing its nine months in the mother’s womb.

Author Yashodhara Lal is a very interesting modern woman. More than an author pitching or promoting her book, she was more fluent in discussing various thought processes which enables one to think and write.


‘When Love Finds You’ is her fourth book and it was almost at the end of the session when we touched upon it. Her journey from a blogger to an author was something which probably inspired a few bloggers in the room.

Her strong stance on the need of ignoring the self created excuses, which limit a writer from writing, was probably the key take away from today’s event. There is nothing which can stop one from doing what he or she wishes. We all need the will to keep on going.

She appeared to be a dynamic woman of modern times, who works, takes care of her three children and also does what she likes, which was an uplifting thing for me – To balance.


We ended the session with a rapid fire, throwing options at her from which she had to chose. One of the interesting options which she picked were “being a mother over a writer” or “probably adopting a pen name and not her own name, if she was getting published for the first time” and other more humorous ones, which ended the evening on a lighter note.

Not only we got author signed copies, but  we could also pick any book from Harper’s store.

Amrita Talwar, who handles marketing at Harper Collins was a great host.

The day couldn’t have been any better!

Book. Blog. Believe.









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