The Head that won’t Stand

Author: Kavita Chandran

Publisher : Wisdom Tree

Year of Publication: 2016


Yoga has been one activity which has spiritually and physically healed numerous who have come in contact with it. For some it is an activity as regular as drinking tea every morning, for some it is an occasional event of getting back to exercise and for many only a sophisticated point of discussion when it comes to health.

The Head that won’t Stand is a book by Kavita Chandran who has documented experiences of women from all over the world who took four week yoga training in a remote place called Gokulshala in southern India to be certified as yoga practitioners.

The book is a journey of personal experiences of the author which shows how urban life has killed the rooted essence in every individual who shares that urban space. It is not necessary that one has to leave their regular lives to practice something which is uplifting, but it is absolutely essential to pause and reflect.

The four week yoga camp gave these women from different parts of the globe to share one roof under which they got to know about the sync between the body, mind and soul. Through yoga and meditation they were able to gain strength and think about what they wished to do.

As a reader, having shared a similar kind of  personal experience, it was a simultaneous recollection for me, to travel with the narrator and correlate.

The only flaw which I felt being a woman, a reader and someone who has had a similar experience of a spiritual learning is that there was an unsaid necessity of some kind of negative experience or pain which the women mentioned in the book, had faced.

I disagree with the idea that one needs to have some kind of pain to experience peace.

The book on a whole is a memoir of the author and transports the reader to a setting where he/she also wishes to experience the same.

The book is a refreshing read.