Confessions of a Bookaholic!

This article is a very ‘I’ oriented one, something which I have never posted on this blog. I am the I behind everything that goes on The Grey Story but I am never the I.

I happened to watch this movie ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ which made me think what is it that makes me go weak in my knees. Certainly it wasn’t clothes, accessories and related stuff.

I am not the ‘girl with the green scarf’ but I am the girl with a lot of bookmarks, dressed up mostly in a sweatshirt and pyjama, always ready with a quote or two with at least two to three books queued up for  reading every day.

Disclaimer: I don’t know if other writers have written a similar article or people share same beliefs or not, but I haven’t googled to find out and copy. Whatever I am penning here are honest confessions from a bookaholic i.e. Me!

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  1. Being a Book Nerd now feels like Being a Snob!

    From childhood till now, reading has been a slow evolution. Earlier, I had to hide reading habits to not to be joked about being called as a ‘nerd’. But, now there is nothing, but Books which makes me Happy. So whatever you may say, I will read and be snobbish about it.colorful_world_of_books___bookstore_4608d6beae15036712b8b29cd38566ed
  2. Touch, feel and smell- Intimacy with the Book!
    A book is not just a compilation of information. It is more than just a non-living entity. Each book that I hold in my hand is an experience of traveling from the front cover to the back  cover by touching the spine, feeling the page thickness and sniffing the ink smell.
    Though print books are surreal, e books are on their way to reach that stage. It sounds mad, but even the words reflecting from the screen have a story which touches you. As you swipe, you feel a rush.

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  3. Are there brands?
    I am not a label person. But yes, we do have brands whom we call publishers! Some are dominant multinational companies and some are small scale units. The beauty lies in the fact that all of them are creating a good product. Where some market it well and some don’t. The reader doesn’t differentiate much. Since there are copyright issues, only one original product is there and copies of copies is well not a problem.


  4. Title or Author- How to pick a Book?
    The answer is either or, none or both. Sometimes knowing about an author helps in picking his/her collection and sometimes a title catches your eye. A reader picks a book to  explore his reading dimensions. I read classics and metro reads. I am not partial. I accept what may come.


  5. How important are Book Covers?
    Believe it or not, as much as I avoid and ignore picking up a book based on its cover, i end up piling stocks of them just because the cover was distinct, appealing, pretty. With illustrators experimenting, there are some amazing creative covers which make you pause and pick.
    Picking a book by the cover is one of the shallowest things, but then it also leads you to authors, titles and genres which you haven’t heard of.


  6. Autographs, photographs and Literary Meet ups!
    Authors, writers, publishers for a bookaholic are celebrities in their own world. I look out for events where I would get to meet them and listen to their thought process. An autograph or a photograph with them is always a happy moment.
    Literary festivals become my reason to travel to different states because there is a journey through the story and the place.

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  7. We Love Book clubs!
    Today, a lot of people find their true space in reading, but don’t find like-minded people with whom they can discuss about the characters and places as if they were real. The book clubs allow them to seek friends in those who read and are as enthusiastic and involved in books as they are.


  8. Book Cafes, Book Stores, Book Everything!
    There is an actual book that we love and then are things coming out of it which we love more. I have literary mugs, t shirts, sweatshirts, pyjamas, diaries, pens, bags, pillows, bedsheets, bracelets, necklaces, rings, book marks, and other accessories designed based on some character, some situation and anything which has an association with any book. I spend without a thought on them. I love to gift and I love to accept such gifts.

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    A book cafe is more subtle, silent and sober which allows you to sip, eat and read and that is what makes it worthwhile.


  9.  Adaptations – Plays and Movies!

    There is an expenditure here too. It is absolutely essential to watch an adaptation of the book I have read to know what I read is what I am seeing and then point out what is missing and what has been beautifully represented. I feel I know what’s going to come and that’s what makes it even more interesting.Related image
  10. Words and Beyond!

Once I have fallen in love with the whole idea, I am spending my money on games like scrabble, purchasing sets to be gifted and convincing everyone around that I meet to invest some in books. Its a satisfying feeling.

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I feel one who loves reading, begins to becomes more inquisitive, yet compassionate. I feel all my expenditure on books and things related to books has been the most wisest and noble one.

When i see my room filled with them, I feel content and complete.

Not every book that I have read, I have loved but I still keep it as a memory of the time I have shared with it. Books especially the ones in print are here to stay. I have collections from the 1950’s till today and still adding.

As long as I am with them, I am alive.
A good book and a glass of wine completes my day as a bookaholic!

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When are you going book shopping again?



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