Published by: Scholastic

A graphic novel written together by Paro Anand and Orjan Persson and illustrated by Garima Gupta and Kaveri Gopalakrishnan is one of the most beautiful books that I have come across in terms of thought, concept and craft.

The story of two teenagers Ganga and Helga who amalgamate in the sea to reincarnate, relive and realise the beauty of life and experience is a must read. Everything about this book which brings two individual narratives together is the kind of innovation in writing that has inspired me.

The same story is never heard twice from two different perspectives. This book offers such experience where the reader is made to live the same situation twice from different perspectives.


The book is targeted for the teens, but is sure to captivate every reader’s attention.

When we attempt to break stereotypes, we create a narrative which rings a bell with every one who wished to do the same.