Author: Amitav Ghosh

Published by: Penguin

Countdown is one of the compilations of Ghosh’s dialogue and research over the Nuclear testing which happened on 11 May, 1998. More than giving details and validating the right and wrong of the action which happened, he bridges borders and tough terrains in person to bring a perspective which is hard to gain unless an effort is made to know about it.

The book is a piece of non-fiction revealing how humans divided by laws and borders, think alike, yet think different and vice versa.

The repercussions of one political party’s decision when in power affects lives and ways of a nation is a very broad issue of intervention and is extremely easy and difficult to understand at the same time.

Death is not only when one actually dies, but when one begins to live in fear or becomes a recipient of some one else’s actions.

As a lover of fiction and an avid reader of Ghosh’s works, this collection was once again, one of the well researched write ups and leaves you with immense thoughts.

The beauty lies in the fact that Ghosh never forgets to link the past with the present, making you nostalgic each time you read any of his writings.

Now, walking through this echoing old palace, looking at the pictures in the corridors, this aspiration took on, for the first time, the contours of an imagined reality. This is what the nuclearists wanted: to sign treaties, to be pictured with the world’s powerful, to hang portraits on their walls, to become ancestors. On the bomb they had pinned their hopes of bringing it all back.”
― Amitav Ghosh, Countdown