Published by : Niyogi Books
Author: Rabindranath Tagore
Year of Publication: 2012

Malini  is a translation done in 1912 by Rabindranath Tagore from  a Buddhist Sanskrit text and is a play focusing on the story of the protagonist Malini.

The religious debate between the soul and the script forms the key basis for understanding this play.

Written and translated in a time where position of women in society was nothing beyond their domesticated space, the character of Malini still resonates today’s woman, a century later, where she stands for the explanation of acquisition of knowledge by her.

She is a heroine in the romantic sense of the term and allows the readers to interpret her character in a good or bad light, or both.

Reading the play, which is shorter and simpler in text, is loud in its voice and meaning.

A princess who has to chose between the right and the wrong is rather knowledge and love.

Read the play and feel the grievance of the situation as per your own understanding of it.

As a recommendation, this book can be used as a script for adapting the text for staging of the play.

“Yes, even as the night bears the dawn, – the dawn that is not of the night, but of all the world.”
– King, Malini