Medium Fast and Furious

Author: Rahul Oak
Published By: Scholastic India
Year of Publication: 2017

Cricket is one sport which unites every being in India and pumps them with uncontrollable energy. More than just a sport, it has also become synonymous with the feeling of national pride and evokes patriotism whenever there is an international match.

Medium Fast and Furious is a debut novel by author Rahul Oak who takes the readers almost two decades back where the cricketers of 90’s ruled hearts and fields more with their skills.

The story is set in Bombay and allows readers to travel through a child’s eye; what it meant to be a part of prestigious local tournament, get selected and eventually become the captain.

Cricket is said to be a gentleman’s game where the one with the bat is the king. The novel slightly shifts the focus from the batsman and puts the spotlight on the bowler who amazes in ways good and bad as the journey of matches and tournaments continues.

The book is going to be available in market from June 15, 2017 and is an apt pick for anyone who is a lover of sports, especially cricket.

It is not a guidebook to learn a sport, but one where you would feel as a grown up that it could have been my story too had I taken a little initiative. May be some of us have even lived that in form of cricket or any other sport.

Reading the book, I could reflect on my early teenage days where there was nothing important than Basketball.

Start ordering and dwell into the fast and furious journey.