If You Can Walk You Can Dance

Publisher: Niyogi Books
Author:  Marion Molteno
Year of Publication: 2017

If You Can Walk You Can Dance is a long narrative book which is as musical in its flow as it’s title. But is this music melodious?

Can you really hear it as you read the book? Sounds like a paradox, isn’t it?

This is the beauty of the book and the aptness of the title chosen. Though the phrase is a lyric of a popular song, but it absolutely fits when you travel through its narrative.

Africa and its woes of race and gender are not new to the world. But what is new is how the oppressors and oppressed have found their way through, in combating what they couldn’t in the phase they were.

Writing is one form which allows such stories to take shape and reach the world in its most creative form possible.

The book is beautifully written and leaves you loaded with emotional moments which are difficult to handle. You will be re reading the passages and even shedding down tears, thinking this is happening to you right at this moment.

It happened to me.

Certainly a book as long as 480 pages is not an easy read and on top of it is a well researched work of writing by the author.

“You could have loved better, you could have loved more
You could have relaxed on the sand by the shore”

Though it is being universally acknowledged how empowerment of women is essential to create a beautiful and harmonious world, this book repeatedly throws situations and instances, how failure is nothing but a negative term.

As a woman of today, I felt inspired rather than being sad at protagonist’s situations—how she was able to make her own path when it seemed there was a dead end.

The book is a heavy read with all sorts of genres of music coming to you as in a Navarasa concept.

Love, life, relationships and people are just dishes at various point in time whose flavour is essential, but not a basis to base your life on.

“There is something too basic about her at the moment, a smell of grief, perhaps, an unloveliness about the flesh.”


Read and experience an extravagant tale.