The Last Link

Publisher: Half Baked Beans Publishing
Author: Manisha Malhotra
Editor: Tanya Jain
Year of Publication: 2017

What happens when a Physics student is told about her legacy as an Element? What if the five elements had a real fight with the Five Vices?




Welcome to the world of Ann Fletcher, a simple, quiet physics student who can pass by a person and sense their aura. Little did she know that her ability could be the indication of her legacy.

The world around her changes as David, Eidette, Oivia and Crispin enter her life to tell her that she is the Last Link in their chain. She is the fifth element, Earth. Will she fight the Epidromeas that threaten her city?

The Last Link is a story of two levels. The simpler one is the fight of good against evil, presented as an adventure fantasy, set amidst the urban life of a student. The second level is about the battle within us, to fight the evil forces and let the good triumph to reach spiritual enlightenment.

The tale draws inspiration from Greek, Chinese and Indian schools of thoughts to show that we are all connected spiritually.