It’s Never a Break-up in Love

Publisher: Lifi Publications
Author: Avijitt Ssood 
Editor: Tanya Jain
Year of Publication: 2017

Is it okay to love twice or to be in love with a person who loves someone else?

Is it okay to let your feelings die when you still have the hope to save your relationship?

What would you do if your heart still pound for the one who has left you?

Is this true that an invisible, slender thread always binds the people who are in love? What would you do if you were in any of these situations?

Only those who are in true love are blessed to understand what it takes to love.

Would Akshita, Aarav and Ananya ever come to realize what their real desires are?




The only way to explore would be to embark on the chaotic and surreal emotional journey of love.

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