Hungry to Read

Author: Arti Sonthalia
Published By: Scholastic India
Year of Publication: 2017


Do you like books?

Do you like them when you are forced to read?

What if you are treated for reading books?


Reading books could be exciting for many, but a boring task for some.

Hungry to Read is a very easy to read and an interesting book. If you hate the idea of reading, you will switch to loving books all the more.

The book has a story of two classes who are made to compete by participating in a reading challenge. The class which wins by reading most books gets a night stay in school and more.

But Arjun doesn’t enjoy reading. He loved maths more than anything.


Will his class lose because of him?

Will he develop a love for reading?


Read and open the world of possible through books.

The cover has been beautifully illustrated and the story has been amazingly narrated.

A must read for both children and adults who run away from the idea of books and reading.