Without Prejudice:Epic Tale of a Mumbai Bar Dancer

Publisher: Niyogi Books
Author: Devasis Chattopadhyay
Year of Publication: 2017

Without Prejudice:Epic Tale of a Mumbai Bar Dancer is a deepening tale of not just a woman who becomes what she does in a brothel but how and why such a business runs and is sought after.

What is forbidden and prohibited is usually the site of desire for humans. But men are always blamed for it, when women are as much involved.

The voyeuristic pleasure extends its boundaries to physical pleasures within four walls questioning moral and societal norms and roles.

Can the money offered in return for the services, a justified way of calling such activities legal?

The story beautiful weaves the development of a girl child who is sold as a part of tradition, is taught dance, music and behaviour to please, is made to ready in a grand fashion for her inaugral performance in the larger world.

Prostitution is practised out of will and out of force, a fact which is known all through. The fact that it is illegal is also widely understood. Yet the numerous customers it attracts, at times leads to more demand and less supply.

The trade of bodies and their optimum dimesnions – weight, height, colour etc along with numerous other horrendous expectations leave you disgusted as a reader.

Can using a garb of the tradition throw a positive light on such an act?

Can a woman is set to be elevated if she receives such an opportunity?

The book leaves you jolted and shakened on the harsh reality and sucked up mindset of people both urban and rural.

Are opportunities really something, as they might seem?!