Yoga: The Indian Way

Publisher: Niyogi Books
Author: Dharamvir Singh Mahida
Year of Publication: 2017

Health is extremely important for every individual. We read about benefits of having a healthy body and at most times try to follow different ways and means through which we can achieve the ideal body image that we all aspire for.

In different avenues available to us in terms of exercises, medical treatments, food habits etc, Yoga holds a key place when it comes to taking care of one’s health.

The book Yoga: The Indian Way is a valuable source of information which not only tells us about various postures in Yoga which can help us in different ways but also gives us the embedded connection it has with Ayurveda and the larger philosophy behind it.

Being a spiritual and holistic practitioner of life, reading this book gave me a fresh motivation of looking towards the whole concept where the step-by-step lay out of routines, postures and asanas for different body types is given.

Keeping the enthusiasm alive about staying true to taking care of myself, I keep returning to different sections, especially ‘Back Bends’ and ‘Yoga Therapy of Ailments’.

There are various tutorials available online and we have readily available instructors, but with careful reading even this book can prove to be a great manual.

Do read and regain the enthusiasm for doing anything from bending forward to backward to doing head stands and hand stands.

Be healthy in body, mind and spirit! Read and experience!