The Girl of Ink and Stars

Published by: Chicken House
Author: Kiran Millwood Hargrave
Year of Publication: 2006

Some stories make you travel through such imaginative routes that it becomes difficult to believe in the reality of such creation. To be able to dream, visualise and experience, are three different phenomenon which are happening together in the book The Girl of Ink and Stars.    

A cartographer’s daughter who has grown up hearing narratives of travel and understanding lines on maps, is bound to be curious when she hasn’t stepped out, but from her home to her school. In limited mobility, she has covered distances which are beyond one’s physical capacity.

A child’s innocent mind is a blank slate on which anything can be written and erased, but for Isabella, every minute detail which she grasped from her Da, every experience which she nurtured, came to her rescue when she embarked on a journey she didn’t plan for herself.

A rescue mission, a journey to the land of mysteries and a place whose dimensions appeared fictional, were all explored through the creative faculty of mind.

The story is as thrilling and adventurous as it gets emotional at points. What is worth acknowledging is the exhaustive exploration of character sketches which the author has thought about.

The book teaches how bonds of friendship, trust and belief in one self can take people places and on journeys that could never have dreamt of.

As I finished reading the book, it was difficult for me to believe whether it was a dream sequence within the fictional story, or an imagination roller coaster beyond bounds!

Read and know for yourself!

“Each of us carries the map of our lives on our skin, in the way we walk, even in the way we grow.”