The Game of Secrets

Author: Saurish Hegde
Editor: Tanya Jain
Year of Publication: 2017
Literary Agency: The Book Bakers


Son of a successful businessman owning a chain of hospitals, Nishanth Shetty is an upcoming oncologist from Mangaluru.

With a bright future and a supportive girlfriend, Navya, all is moving smoothly in Nishanth’s life till such time that his scientist friend, Ramdas, makes him part of an experiment that can save the world from the deadliest viruses and bestow one with mind reading powers.

He receives a mysterious phone call from a man warning him of dire consequences if he goes forth with the experiment. However, what is more terrifying is the threat that the unknown man plans to conduct the same experiment … with Nishanth’s blood.

Who is this man?

What are his motives?

Is there a larger conspiracy behind this?

Read on as Nishanth and his friends race through time and uncover one shocking mystery after another in this thrilling GAME OF SECRETS!

The Game of Secrets is an amazing mystery book written by a very young author. The way it explores different dimensions of characters and how the plot unfolds will keep your glued to the book. Unlike cliche YA books, this is much ahead from the way YA books are perceived.

As an editor, this manuscript offered challenges in understanding the psychology of the characters and eventually doing justice to the language. It wasn’t easy to understand how this mystery is unfolding, but after thorough reading and following clues, it was fun editing this book.