Once Upon a Verse: Because Poem Tell Stories

Author: Anoushka Sabnis
Publisher: Patridge Publishing
Year of Publication: 2017

Unlike any other book, where a lot of thought, time and research goes in creating the final product, Once Upon a Verse: Because Poem Tell Stories is a book by a very young author who is just 10 years old!

The very attempt in itself is commendable!

The book is a documentation of everyday experiences and observations by the child author who has imbibed the world around her in verse. As one reads, a certain sense of innocence and rawness can be felt in the writing.

There are no undertones, no larger hidden meanings, but a plain and simple description of something in its best poetic form.

From pooping, baking, lazing and so on, there is everything which transports you to the world of a child.

Though the book is phenomenal in its approach as it gives the child the right platform for exercising her creativity.  It also raises questions!

For a 10 year old to know rhyme schemes and certain vocabulary which comes with extensive reading is worth wondering. Maybe its parental guidance there!

Do read and relish the lost innocence which is in abundance with children.