Status Single: The Truth About Being A Single Woman in India

Author: Sreemoyee Piu Kundu
Publisher: AMARYLLIS, Manjul Publishing House Pvt Ltd
Year of Publication: 2018

Being a woman is a generic problem all over the globe. With existence of numerous reform movements and success stories, a woman still stands second to a man. No one knows how long one will have to wait, when the term ‘equal’ will mean ‘equal’ for the two sexes.

Author Sreemoyee Piu Kundu, after an extensive research and of her own personal experience, has collated a book which oozes stories of women, especially those who have some sort of ‘single status’ attached to them.

What is amazing is that these are narratives of selected few whom the author could connect with. Imagine, how many such stories are floating around all of us!

The book is exhaustive and draining, because its a lengthy read but is voicing such grave issues and concerns, that as a reader it becomes your responsibility to read what has been documented. There is no blind eye to this book, as we have it for the actual situation.

I know of a lot of such men, women, groups etc who quote statements which have been so starkly mentioned in the book.

Can this book be called author’s personal outlet for built up/over flowing frustration and angst against the repeated shallow comments which are made to a woman who is single?

The answer is strictly NO!

There are all kinds of situations and settings which make people do and chose what they do. There is no glorification, neither there is a plead.

Status Single: The Truth About Being A Single Woman in India is a book which is a valuable addition in the larger space of women’s literature. We need this research which the author has made for references in future.

This book is a must read for those, which is a lot, who feel its their right to pass any comment and judgement on decisions which women make. But the sad part is, the ones who are real audience of it will never touch the book. We who already empathise with it, will continue to.

At first, I was amazed will there be enough content to create a book on such a topic. A 233 pager, is not an easy read.

The tools like sex, beauty, education, wealth etc which are elements of justifying the personality of a woman, are also the tools which are used for objectification and abuse of women.

Read the book to know, how being single is not being alone or lonely but is so much more …

Highly reccommended!



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  1. Great review. Sounds like something really worthwhile! I’ve heard that India can be exceptionally hard on women, here in Europe the whole equality thing is going better. It’s too bad, and I’m glad the subject is getting talked about at least. The more attention is gets, the faster the change will happen.

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