A Minute to Last

Royalty, Ruins and Reminiscence
amidst haunted horrors which are now Effervescence.

The howl of the animal from the bushes
lead to a foul fart from his tushies.

As she sat silent and bottled up next to him in the car
he comforted her by saying, “Don’t worry,the animal I know is far.”

The curves appeared steep with every turn
He said, “If you want, you can puke in the urn.”

Seeing her become pale in the skin
he thought of a trick to make her grin.

He paced the accelerator of the car
and stopped with a jerk to make her bounce beyond power.

She screamed aloud in fear
and had her eyes filled with tears.

He said, “Get out of the car baby, the fun is over”
She cried “You are kidding me, is this the way it has to be Over?”

Shocked with fear, she became numb
He laughed and remarked “Oh my dear, You are so Dumb!”

She smiled to make him believe she is fine
but all through their journey she lost her shine.

He said, “This was just a humor out of the blue”
She said, “I think you should better use a loo.”

Embarrassed with each others elicit expressions
they both chose to leave behind their developing aggression.

The incident though had happened too fast
but their Love was not for just a minute to Last.