Being Alone

Giggles, laughter and smiles,
Followed by prolonged silences.

Talks, discussions and debates,
Continued by prolonged silences.

 Loud are thoughts and a series of thoughts,
 But are pressed only by prolonged silences.


Justified and accepted on the outside,
But negotiating and struggling on the inside.

Balancing the personal with personal,
But failing and ultimately suffering.

Losing the rhythm and rhyme of life,
What is the need to synchronize?

Clusters of people who are close,
Fail to understand the unwritten prose.

Flow with the essence of the moment,
Still appreciating the denouement.

Plural or singular be the quantity,
Creative identity leads to variety.

‘Being Alone’ is not just a story of a particular He or She,
But of every You, Me and We.

Learn to heal the soul every day,
Because body will eventually perish one day.


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