Chappals, Pyjamas and some packets of Wafers
bottles of Wine with a fun clad chauffeur.

Roads maps synced for a destination unknown
Freeways and highways passed under the light of moon.

Tolls and tales were witnessed on the wheels
the onward journey had its own zeal.

He, She and others stuffed in a metallic box
created a harmony as they beat boxed.

Few stoppages to Pee
Didn’t make anyone awry.

The road had its own curves to take
they jumped, bounced and still stayed awake.

Some rolled, puffed and created a fragrance
but few had to smell and cough it up in ignorance.

The jerks and the Jerks continued
but no one could guess if they were heading to the beaches or the hills on route.

They had left with an idea of an Escape
and ended up calling it a  gang Getaway!