‘Understanding’ Parents!

Where the world is still finding the source of the soul in the body, we have comforted ourselves with the origin and end of it in those who create us.

As everyday beings we follow what we are told because the one who is telling us is also telling from the similar source which has told him/her. The concentricity of the loop which follows is questionable because its like a whirlpool which sweeps away anything and everything which comes in it’s way.

When a couple copulates and creates a life together, they nurture it slowly and gradually to bring the body out of the womb into the real world.

As time passes by, the body seeks shape and structure and grows as it should to certain lengths and proportions.  It develops into a form in its maximum capacity and can’t proliferate beyond a point. This is where the body no longer develops.

What happens to the soul within?

The soul is that delicate puff toy which the couple tames as it should to mold and adjust to the surroundings they belong to. It is not taught to be kind and generous but to act in situations favorable and unfavorable.

The same set of actions become adjustable when they are in sync with the ideologies of the creator but can become averse if they don’t fit in a certain kind of caste, creed, class or culture.

There are traits which are common to characters whether they belong to a planet X or to our very own planet Earth.

For the creator couple these are traits of love, nurture, care, concern, ownership and betterment. Somehow in the process of guarding these traits, the reasons behind become more selfish with time.

There is similar duty and devotion but also a sense of fear of losing the offspring which has been tamed that they forget that the tamed individual is also capable of thinking and acting.

It can obey. It can follow. It can listen. But it has also developed a certain ability of self thinking and action which when clashes with the ideology of the creator becomes a reason of mutual in-existence.

Following this line of thought, can we say that the methodologies of a creator becomes obsolete with time? Their warmth and worry is a symbol of an imposition of their word? The answer is No.

But this doesn’t mean that these methodologies don’t need refinement with change of time. A law acceptable in one community might not be acceptable in the other and it is where amendments come into picture to make the same law applicable and acceptable for all.

We become accustomed to what we practice that we fail to understand how new ways of doing the same things have come and are as ethically acceptable as the previous ones. The rigidity of thought and the inability of knowing what rests on the other side of the coin creates differences between two generations.

When elderly people complain of their children drifting way, the reason is solely not children but the creator themselves. The coexistence fails and hence distances develop.

Morally the word of the elder is proved right, but keeping contexts in consideration the offspring aren’t wrong either.

There is always a propagandist approach of highlighting the dominant and subsuming the minor. The difference in years cannot be bridged nor is the idea; the idea is of mutual acceptance which at times both sides fail to understand or one of the sides fail.

The question remains how do you make the elder group understand when they refuse to have a dialogue, when they refuse to accept and when they just act as if they were not the creators they were supposed to be!

The suffering is never one way. It is experienced by both. But to convert the same into a reason of Joy & Happiness one needs to have coherence of contexts and an open heart to accept what is as is.

The soul is still the one which you created. Is it wise to doubt your own creation?