Published by: Scholastic India
Year of Publication: 2018


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The fear of the unknown always creates chills!

#Horror is synonymous with anything that we can come across with the said hashtag. Try searching!

Did you fall off your chair?

Scholastic India’s recent publication, #Horror, is an anthology, where various authors have documented their own interpretation of the idea of “horror” in a fictional format.

The collection will leave you cold in palms and feet. The pieces by various authors are different in their writing style. One finds a variety in narratives—having a voice which can leave you still!

The setting of the school, the street and the cemetery justify the Gothic element which the book should have.

More than a repetitive blabbering about ghosts, the book will leave its readers wondering about how imagination can create an experience in print which has the capability of activating the visual motion.

This book is a must read for all who love the genre, or otherwise!


Don’t be scared, pick up the book and challenge yourself to READ!!!!