Publisher: Half Baked Beans Publishing
Author: Prasupta Roy
Editor: Tanya Jain
Year of Publication: 2018

Kaatyaani works as an English teacher in a school. She enjoys her job as she finds it both challenging and rewarding. She dreams of excelling in this field and getting some recognition in her life.

But, life takes a different turn when she marries Hemant.

She now has only one wish—to become a mother. For, she thinks a baby will fill the void in her life. But fate has different plans!

Amidst the turmoil when life seems meaningless, she meets Siddharth—a tall and handsome man in his mid-thirties. In him, she finds her ideal man, her soul mate. They come closer, fall in love and wish to spend life with each other.

But Kaatyaani won’t leave Hemant. For, she thinks he will be shattered if she forsakes him. Fate plays a game again when Hemant gets transferred to Bangalore. Her heart craves for Siddharth while her mind demands fidelity.

In this tussle, between her heart and mind who will win-the heart or the mind?

Lovestruck is a very contemporary story where the juggle and struggle of relationships will strike a chord with every reader. The author had only confessed her ideas on paper. As an editor, I made efforts of shaping it in its current form.

There is nothing exceptionally revealing about the book, but its simple course of events, reflect how a woman like Kaatyaani emerged and shaped her life the way it turned out to be.

Read and enjoy!