Love and Life in Lucknow

Publisher: Niyogi Books
Author: Mehru Jaffer
Year of Publication: 2018

The first beautiful thing about this book is its judgement by its title and cover. I absolutely loved the grey scale picturesque depiction of the city which Lucknow is.

The title has few keywords which make it the perfect title this book could have had —”love, “life” and “Lucknow”. The subtitle “An Imaginary Biography of the City” is so apt, that as you read you realise the imagination is a result of the reality of the city.

Love and Life in Lucknow is a beautiful attempt by the author to recollect her idea and her association with the city and its stories in a manner that there is more to gain from the written narrative experience, than to think about the fictionalization of the creative mind.

What is worth gluing about Niyogi Books is the experiential publishing programme which they are practicing. Each book that I am reading, I am travelling with the writer in the stories and the places they visualise.

Lucknow— a city of food, nawabs, urdu, shaiyari and lihaaz— makes me a part of itself and its history as I read this book.

The book is extra ordinary in the choice of metaphors used, lineages linked and plot intertwined. My favourite portions from the book are ” Naresh The Rickshawala”, ” The Courtesan”, ” Trouble on the Street” and ” Tamboli Begum”.

When you see Lucknow and its people from the eyes of these prominent “types”, you realise how painfully beautiful the scenario is.

Order your copy and read!