The Heroine and Other Stories

Publisher: Niyogi Books
Author: D Jayakanthan
Translated (from Tamil) by: Deepalakshmi J
Year of Publication: 2017

The Heroine and Other Stories is an anthology of selected stories by renowned author D Jayakanthan, a Sahitya Akademi fellow and Padma Bhushan recipient, who though wrote about people of his time, but spoke of an universal emotion.

The short stories in the book primarly focus on human fallacies which affect the ones who are closest to us.

Do we ever realise this? No!

The stories have been originally written in Tamil and have been translated into English to make the rich content available to a larger reading audience.

Our stories are nothing but everyday observations of people we meet and incidents we become a part of. At times, we stay ignorant and on some occassions we become a participant.

The different stories not only give new ideas about dealing with situations but also perspectives on how human beings act and behave.

Once again, a marvellous jewel in collection of Niyogi Books enables readers to read something constructive and learn from each story.

The heroine of The Heroine  is an everyday wife and mother who takes a step which wasn’t thought of in the time and setting it was written.

The meekness, fragility and obedience of a woman doesn’t make her weak, but exponentially strong.

The translation cannot be compared to what the original was of such a great writer, but perhaps is the only medium through which we are able to gain immensly from his experiences.

For a reader in English and an admirer of strong subjects and translated material, the anthology is a must read for self confidence and believing in the power of  being.

Without telling more about what lies in other stories, I recommend few personal favourites from the lot, The Pallbearers, It’s Only Words and The Truth.

Read and explore a world of stories for yourself.