The Trees Told Me So

Publisher: Niyogi Books
Author: Purva Grover
Year of Publication: 2018

Some writings can emerge from just one element which becomes the link for connecting tales.

The book The Trees Told Me So by Purva Grover is one such collection of stories whose narrative revolves around the natural element ie Tree. How does one ordinary element that is the tree becomes the grounding subject for various plots which hold it as they key character.

Release of emotions, a creation of confidant, shade, protection, turbulence and a numerous other things can be associated with this nature’s being.

As one reads through the book, there is a nostalgic association and sudden realisation of how everyone has some or the other connection with nature at large, its just the daily chores which pile up to an extent that we stop acknowledging the divine presence they hold.  It is not just about a tree then, but any element of nature which can make us gain sanity.

Few of my favourite bits from the book are “A Glass of Rs 1”, “Between Us, Daughter and Mother” , “Over a Cup of Chai” and “The First Kiss”.

Read the book and explore what you can associate with this element!