How To Be Human

Publisher: Penguin India
Author: Manjeet Hirani
Year of Publication: 2018

We all love pets in person or from a distance. There would be hardly anyone who wouldn’t love these meek creatures. A pet in any form becomes a personal entity who is our confidant and support.

How To Be Human is one such book where the author has so much to say about her pet dog “Buddy”, that I felt, one book hasn’t done justice to the dog whose image has been so personified through the narratives.

Lets hope for more chronicles to follow!

Let’s first talk about the book and the manuscript. As I have read it, the manuscript must have had a personal touch and reason for the author to get it documented.

But as a book, this is a phenomenal production by Penguin India. I specially adored the cover illustration and the chapter opening illustrations done by Missy Dunaway, a USA based artist, which have given the grandeur to the dog “Buddy”. Gunjan Ahlawat from Penguin India has given a magical touch in bringing together all the elements.

The digitalised painting of Buddy is so good to be true. Its so life like that as you read, you feel the dog might just become real and will jump out!

For the author, who feels scared of dogs, accepted her pet and grew in love with him. She no longer feels scared, in fact she is most secure when she is with Buddy.

A being of comfort and solace, Buddy has been more to the Hirani family in terms of realizations of human existence and the comparison they could draw with people around them.

The book has been divided into several aspects as headers of the chapter, with 3-4 pages dedicated to each topic, it sums up for all those things we are looking for and are willing to learn and accept.

If you don’t have a pet, read this book and feel Buddy is your pet!

If you do have a pet, read this book and celebrate the beautiful association you have with your pet!

I thoroughly felt warm and touched! Read and experience yourself!

(I finished reading it in one sitting!)