The Long Body That Connects Us All

Publisher: Langdon Street Press
Author: Rich Marcello
Year of Publication: 2018

Poetry is the most subtle form of expression. With minimum and right choice of words, we can create a narrative in about 10-20 lines which otherwise could have taken an entire novel in itself to express.

Poetry runs on the emotion of the theme, the metaphors used and the impression it is leaving on its reader. A poem which intends to say one thing by the author, might be interpreted as something else altogether by the reader.

I am a lover of books and usually love long forms. Poetry for me is a form of creative expression. I too have tried some bits which I have posted on this blog. (Do read the Poems section!)

The Long Body That Connects Us All is a collection of poems by author Rich Marcello who has divided them into three broad categories or themes.

Each poem is distinct in expression. Some appeared amateurish to me, while for some I had to read them a number of times to get the meaning.

This book is one of its own entry in the literature of poetry where if you like reading what other authors are experimenting, you can pick it up.

Reading poetry inspires you in a way no other form of writing can. This book does that to you!

Few of my  favourite lines from few of the poems are as follows:

Poem: Blue Gears

“The Blue gears took hold and
tried to turn me
like the others
into the sum of parts”

Poem: Matchbox

“Back then,
I locked ten miracles inside,
not knowing one day
I would need them
when this world
I built had
broken me down.”

Poem: The Sentinels

“When sudden
change comes,
as it often will,
resist the urge
to shut down.”


Poem: Doorways

There are doorways,
all of them illusions.

Because once
you’re in,
you know
you’ve always been.


Enjoy reading this book! Do tell me how you liked it!