On Women: Selected Writings

Author: Khushwant Singh
Published by: Rupa Publications
Year of Publication: 2014

After having read numerous books across all genres, I came across a collection titled On Women: Selected Writings whose title is true to its writing.

I feel one writer which is beyond criticism and reviewing is the likes of Khushwant Singh. A man of such cinematic words, he paints narratives.

This particular book focuses on different women, he had created or met, who left an impression on him or who swept him off his feet.

Every narrative sort of builds a character sketch of the woman in question, who are not meek and docile, but strong, powerful and beautiful. They are storming and steaming!

Some poignant women like Phoolan Devi, Sadia Dehlvi, Anees Jung, Amrita Sher-Gil, Begum Para, Indira Gandhi etc are my favourite on whom chapters have been made.

For the time, the author speaks of, these women are far progressive and bold to be compared to today’s modern women.

Its a one sitting read, absolutely joyous and quirky! He is a witty man, with many witty and promiscuous women in his circle!

No woman is demeaned but has been elevated in a way, which only Khushwant Singh could have done!

Read! Read! Read!