The Little Book of Life

Author: Ruskin Bond
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Year of Publication: 2012

Ruskin Bond is a phenomenal writer who focuses on themes of love, friendship, nostalgia, hope and life in almost all his works. The language he uses is usually very simple and the emotion is extremely touching.

He is one author who is popular across all age groups.

The Little Book of Life is a cute little book which is a collection of quotes from all the eminent people talking about the primary emotion of hope and optimism in life through which one can achieve all that they are looking for.

I happened to read this book in about 20 minutes on my kindle and I read it at a point where I was a little dejected with events happening in life. But I was rejuvenated as I flipped through its pages and here I am writing this review all happy and blossomed.

“Believe in yourself
soon others will believe
in you too.”