Review: Mahi Way

Series Name: Mahi Way
Year of Release: 2010
Produced by: YRF Production

Netflix is our new medium of passing time and chilling. We have access to it across all screens and this makes it all the more easier to play, pause, rewind, repeat, skip at our ease. Unlike, old days where we had to glue to the TV set and wait through the advertisements and teasers to see what’s going to happen in a particular episode.

I remember of having heard about the show Mahi Way when it was released way back in 2010. I had just graduated from school and TV was the last thing that would fascinate me then.

Recently, I happened to see the same series on Netflix and could recall from the intro song that yeah probably this was the same tele gig which I probably wanted to watch back then.

Its a series of 24 episodes, shot almost a decade ago, but voice every element and concern which is relevant as of today, and probably will be for many years to come.

The society and its mindset is evolving, but has it outgrown completely? The answer is No!

Mahi Way is a story of a 25-year-old girl, Mahi Talwar, from Delhi, who is an aspiring journalist and works with a magazine ‘Trend’ and writes her only column “Mahi’s Way”. She is smart, witty, dreamy, funny and always has a thought running in her head. She is modern, independent, friendly and loving. Despite all of her beautiful traits, she is unlike any protagonist or main lead that you will ever see on a screen.

She is an overweight character who loves food like anything. She munches and binges and relishes food.

The journey of Mahi is a beautiful narration and screenplay about how relationships, work life, family, friends, opportunities, failures, everything points towards her excessive weight and fat personality.

Most women are not in the ideal shape and size as is projected in the magazines and movies. This series is a comfort to watch because each one of us can relate to things she is going through and still not abide by it.

We keep going through our daily struggles and such realistic, dynamic and extravagant ideas through a series is a great watch.

Do watch because for once you get to see what is happening with you day in and day out.