Stories are a very essential part of our lives. In a way we all are characters of inter-mingled tales.We all have ideas but only a few try to materialise it in print. I am trying my bit to contribute in different possible ways.

Being an aesthetic, culturally active, enthusiastic, observant, spiritual and an inquisitive personality, I wish to pen down as much as I can out of what I am experiencing and thinking with each passing moment.

An amalgamation of facts and fiction which are oriented in a structured form tend to indulge the reader in what is being presented in front of them. For anything which can intrigue one and creates a room in one’s head and heart to re-think  can only be achieved through ‘Writing’.

In order to coordinate the energies emerging in ‘Body, Mind and Soul’ with a combination of 26 English alphabets, I present before the world ‘The Grey Story’.

My writings aim to explore the tangents of the self and the society.

“Experience. Express. Extend.”